Welcoming Speech

  • KOWIN President, Dr. Cho Sunah’s Welcoming Speech


Good afternoon everyone,  안녕하세요 여러분 thank you very much for coming. This event could not have happened without all the participants, KOWIN members and staff, keynote speaker, vips and volunteers. I would especially like to thank the volunteers who will be the leaders of our future. Where are the volunteers? Let’s give them a big round of applause. All your interests and contributions made this event happen today. Even though there are many people I should acknowledge for their important contributions to this event, I would like to acknowledge some of our VIPs who are community leaders and sponsors who donate their precious time and financial support to this event.

When I call on the VIPs, please hold your applause until the end of the introductions.

First of all, Vice Consulate Mr.  Yoonsun Eo. Could you stand up for a sec? Mr. Eo came today on behalf of the Korean Consulate General, Kie Cheon Lee. Thank you for coming.

Next, our keynote speaker, Ms. Sandy Lee. Ms. Lee arrived from Yellow knife last night for this event. We are very honored to have her here today as she is the first Korean born Canadian to be elected to a provincial/territorial legislature in Canada. Ms. Lee, thank you for joining us.

I would also like to introduce Senator Yonah Martin. Senator Martin has made great contributions in the interest of the Korean-Canadian community. Her commitment in helping people connect with each other has been outstanding. Thank you for being here with us in this venue. We are very honored and proud to have the notable Korean Canadian political pioneers here this afternoon. In fact, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect and share our own experiences with them.

The next person is a very special name to KOWIN Vancouver.  Ms. Insoon Lee. Ms. Lee is the founder of KOWIN Vancouver. Without her enthusiasm and initiative, KOWIN Vancouver would not exist today. Thank you for all the effort, hard work and sacrifice you have devoted to KOWIN Vancouver.

I would like to welcome a few more people.

MLA for Burnaby North, Mr. Ricard Lee.

MLA for Port Moody Coquitlam, Ms. Linda Reimer

Councilor at the City of Coquitlam, Brent Asmundson

The President of the Korean Society of BC, Mr. Donald Lee

The President of the Korean Unification Advisory Council, Vancouver Chapter, CEO of Bisco Dental Canada, Mr. Ron Suh

The President of the Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers, Dr. Chris Choi

The President of Vancouver Korean canadian women’s society, Ms. Insoon Lee

Manager of Hanam supermarket, Ms. Heyeun Park

And I shouldn’t forget Sharons Credit Union for their generosity.

I have one more person I shouldn’t forget to call on, today’s photographer, Gabriel Lascu. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day.

Thank you all for your invaluable contributions and support. Let’s give them a big round of applause! Thank you!

I would like to give you a brief summary of KOWIN Vancouver. KOWIN (Korean women’s international network) is a nonprofit organization established by the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for promoting exchange between Korean women within the local chapters worldwide.

KOWIN Vancouver was established in 2011.  It is a local chapter of KOWIN Canada, which consists of six chapters in Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Since its establishment, KOWIN Vancouver has become the center for networking among Korean professional women living in Vancouver. It has also been serving to actively seek out leaders of the next generation.

KOWIN Vancouver encourages Korean women’s participation by providing mentorship programs through various designated Teams representing different professional fields.   A key imperative of KOWIN Vancouver is engaging in cultural exchanges with other communities in Canada’s multicultural society.

I don’t want to take up too much more time but I would like to leave you with one thought about networking and its importance in personal and professional growth. Many people think networking is hard to do. But Networking doesn’t have to be complicated or planned. It can be simple and spontaneous. I will show you what I mean, I am going to ask you to stand up and turn to the person on your right first and then left and introduce yourself, introduce yourself to the person behind you.  For example, your name and where you live … go ahead….

Please be seated. And if you don’t mind why don’t you join hands with the people on both sides of you but don’t crush their hands.

Now you’ve experienced, how easy networking can be. Enjoy the event and thank you again for your presence and participation.  I hope you will have lots of opportunities to practice your networking skills this afternoon.