KOWIN Vancouver Terms and Conditions 1.0

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Korean Women’s International Network (KOWIN) Vancouver Chapter, or “we,” is a non-commercial and non-profit association established by the Gender Equality and Family Ministry of the Republic of Korea in 2011. Since then, KOWIN Vancouver has been committed to promoting active networking among professional women as well as cultivating the leaders of the next generation in Greater Vancouver. Further details about KOWIN Vancouver can be found on our website (www.kowinvancouver.org).

Article I. Membership Policy

KOWIN Vancouver encourages our members to actively participate and enjoy their membership benefits. To become a member of KOWIN Vancouver, you should submit a membership application for a review by KOWIN Vancouver board members along with a membership registration fee ($40, in 2020). The fee is subjected to change without notification. Also to maintain its membership, you should also submit annual membership renewal fee ($20) in March every year. As an exception, if you became a new member in December, the membership renewal fee is due in March of the year after the following year. The membership fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. KOWIN Vancouver reserves the right to revoke membership for any violation of terms and conditions without refund (more information can be found in Section 1.02 and Section 1.03).

Section 1.01 Membership Benefits

  • Access to events, workshops, and social activities
  • Access to members-only contents on our website
  • Networking opportunities with KOWIN members across the world
  • Attend KOWIN Conferences in Canada and/or Korea with an approval from KOWIN Vancouver board members
  • Support from KOWIN Vancouver members
  • Volunteer opportunities to develop leadership and gain experiences

Section 1.02 Members Obligations

Each member of KOWIN Vancouver is expected to:

  • Be part of creating a friendly and supportive environment for all members
  • Not to create a hostile or uncomfortable environment (e.g., bullying, black-mailing, threats, etc.) for all members
  • Respect the members despite their background
  • Not to commit any misconduct negatively affecting KOWIN Vancouver and its members by any means
  • Not to share members-exclusive contents (e.g., contents provided in the members-only section on our website) with others outside of KOWIN Vancouver

If it is deemed that the member has violated any of the above in Section 1.02 and/or committed any action that is against KOWIN Vancouver’s visions and missions, KOWIN Vancouver may revoke the membership.

Section 1.03 Membership Revocation

As mentioned in Section 1.02, if any violation is determined, the member’s privilege to membership and membership benefits may be revoked.

Once the case is reported, with sufficient evidence, the member’s membership revocation will be determined during the executive meeting(s) and/or by decision of the President of KOWIN Vancouver.

Once the member has been notified of the decision, the member may submit an appeal in a written letter within 14 days of notification. The appeal does not guarantee a chance to reverse the decision.

Section 1.04 Disclaimer

KOWIN Vancouver does not hold liability for any damages and harm on businesses, individuals, and organizations. We also do not hold the liability for any incidents occurring during our events and meetings.

KOWIN Vancouver may be filming or taking photographs during events and meetings. The photographs and videos may be published on our website and/or media. We will seek your consent before publicizing any of your personal information or images.

If a member no longer agrees with our terms and conditions, the member may surrender their membership by notifying KOWIN Vancouver.

KOWIN Vancouver reserves the right to update this Terms and Conditions (Membership Code of Conduct.)

By signing the membership application, the member agrees to the above terms and conditions, and it is effective from the date of approval.