Membership (English)

KOWIN is a non-profit organization of open membership. Any woman aged of 18 years or older of Korean descent who is interested in KOWIN’s objectives and activities can join KOWIN.

How to become a KOWIN Vancouver Member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill out the online form and press SUBMIT button below to complete your application.

If you want to download and fill out the membership form, you could download the form on the bottom of this page. Please fill out the form completely and send it to You will be contacted shortly after we received your application.

Membership Fee

Membership Registration Fee: $40

Annual Renewal Fee: $40 (due by March every year)

** If you are a new member registered in December, the membership renewal fee is due in March of the year after the following year**

Lifetime Membership : Selected regular members who is actively involved in various activities to promote KOWIN Vancouver in the community upon approval of Board of Directors


  1. Discount on events and membership fee.
  2. Free subscription to KOWIN Vancouver’s Newsletter.
  3. Eligible to vote and run for election on the Board of Directors.
  4. Eligible to apply and attend the annual KOWIN conference in Korea and the KOWINNER international convention.

Terms and Conditions of Membership & Membership Application Form

KOWIN Vancouver Terms and Conditions

Membership Application Form (MS Word)

Membership Application Form (PDF)

Membership Application Form (On-line Version)